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About Us - Seven Q Joint Stock Company specializes in providing products for the home life industry such as Korean Sliding Door, Art Glass, Smart Door Lock (Using fingerprint, magnetic card, password, .. ) Smart Lockers. There are also protection products such as high-rise building escape cable, Korea escape mask.

Trusted partners of corporations

Reliable partner of the corporation Provided installation of locks for companies and projects throughout the country

Automation and computerization of management technology

Outstanding and flexible solution with separate functions

Save time and money

A unique solution for each company to optimize time, cost, performance
Địa chỉ lắp đặt khóa cửa vân tay uy tín tại tphcm

Professional staff

Seven Q dynamic, professional and dedicated in each project.

Professional and dedicated support

Seven Q supports the customer throughout use.

The process of implementing the project integrity

The project implementation process is tight, ensuring the progress and improve the efficiency of customers.

Installation of smart electronic door lock, fingerprint in Ho Chi Minh City
Seven Q system provides free installation of electronic door locks, fingerprints for wooden doors, glass doors, fire doors, aluminum doors and gates in Ho Chi Minh City. Seven Q supports installation at home, apartment, office, ...

Dessmann genuine German brand lock, 24 months warranty. Technically skilled staff, trained professionally, enthusiastically and responsibly. Commitment does not incur any additional costs.

Installation of intelligent door lock
Install smart apartment lock
Installation of smart door lock for glass doors
Installation of intelligent door lock for wood doors, fire doors
Installation of intelligent door lock for glass aluminum doors
Installation of intelligent door lock for gate